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YOU'VE GOT TO GIVE ME SOME Spencer Williams Bessie Smith rec May 8th 1929 New York also- Margaret Webster '29 Lovin' is the thing I crave, For your love I'd be your slave, You gotta gimme some, Yes, gimme some! Can't you hear me pleading? You gotta gimme some! Said Miss Jones to old butcher Pete, "I wanna piece o' your good old meat! You gotta gimme some, Oh, gimme some! I crave your round steak, You gotta gimme some!" Sweet as candy in candy shop Is just your sweet lollipop. You gotta gimme some, Please gimme some! I love all day suckles, You gotta gimme some! To the milkman I heard Mary scream, Said she wanted a lots of cream! "You gotta gimme some, Oh, gimme some! Catch it when you come sir, You gotta gimme some!" Hear me cryin' on my bended knees; If you wanna put my soul at ease You gotta gimme some, Please gimme some! Can't stand it any longer, You gotta gimme some! People called the pell mell "Sugar Lump", Said I'm goin' crazy about your hump! You gotta gimme some, Please gimme some! I can't wait eight days, You gotta gimme some! Jay bird said to the pecker wood, "I let you peck like a pecker should, But gimme some, Yes gimme some! I'm crazy 'bout them worms, You gotta gimme some!" (Contributed by Peter Akers - July 2008)


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