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THE IRISH GIRL (Traditional) David Hammond - 1956 Phil Cooper & Margaret Nelson - 1992 Also recorded by: Shirley Collins; The Clancy Brothers. As I walked out one May morning Down by the riverside I cast my eyes around me And an Irish girl I spied Her cheeks were sad and rosy And coal black was her hair How costly were the jewels That Irish girl did wear As I walked out that May morning My true love passing by I knew her mind was changing By the movement of her eyes Oh, don't you now remember, love When you gave me your right hand You vowed if you got married That I should be the man I wish I were a butterly I'd fly to my love's nest I wish I were a linnet I'd sing my love to rest I wish I were a nightengale Id sing to the morning clear I'll hold you in my arms, my love The girl I love so dear


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