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RO-RO-ROLLIN' ALONG From the film "Near The Rainbow's End" (1930) (Music: Murray Mencher / Lyrics: Billy Moll & Harry Richman) Cowhand Band (Film Soundtrack) - 1930 Johnny Marvin - 1930 Sammy Fain - 1930 Anson Weeks' Hotel Mark Hopkins Orch. (vocal: Irving Kaufman) - 1930 Ted Wallace & His Orch. (vocal: Elmer Feldkamp) - 1930 Victor Arden-Phil Ohman Orch. - 1930 Mayer Davis' Hotel Astor Orch. - 1930 Cliquot Club Eskimos - 1930 Hit-Of-The-Week Orch. (vocal: Irving Kaufman) - 1930 Ed Loyd & His Orch. (vocal: Elmer Feldkamp) - 1930 Debroy Somers Band (vocal: Les Allen) - 1930 Bob & Alf Pearson - 1930 Stanley Kirkby - 1930 Harry Bidgood's Riverside Dance Band - 1930 As recorded by SAMMY FAIN (The Singing Composer): I love to listen to the whippoorwill And watch the Sun creep o'er the hill I greet the newborn day And then I'm on my way I love to wander 'neath the open sky And let the world go drifting by I'm as happy as I can be Here is my philosophy When cares pursue me, I'm never gloomy I keep on singin' a song Though the clouds hang low, I laugh at woe And go ro-ro-rollin' along No need to hurry, no need to worry That things are gonna go wrong Like the birds that sing, I dream of Spring As I'm ro-ro-rollin' along Give me the Moon for a blanket Give me the stars overhead I'll make the mountain my doorstep And I'll make the desert my bed I'll spend the hours among the flowers I'll stay away from the throng Let it rain or shine, the world is mine As I'm ro-ro-rollin' along Rollin', just like a rolling stone, I'm rollin' And though I haven't got a goal in view I'm rollin' on my way, just rollin' along Rollin', I wanna live and die, I'm rollin' Just let me spend my life a-rollin' on I'm rollin' on till the Judgement Day, say (Instrumental Break) Give me the Moon for a blanket Give me the stars overhead I'll make the mountain my doorstep And I'll make a desert my bed I'm never homin', I'm always roamin' And life to me is a song Let the cold winds blow, in rain or snow I'll keep ro-ro-rollin' along (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2017)


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