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ROCK 'N ROLLER Bay City Rollers I get my kicks from rock and roll A 12 bar boogie gonna bless my soul Wanna dance to that rhythm Get down to that rockin' beat I don't wanna play no heavy jazz With high class music And its stuffed shirt nights 'Cos I wanna be a rock 'n roll star And make my money out of playing' guitar *Cos I'm a rock and roller I'm gonna rock it, gonna roll all over I'm gonna shake it to the midnight stroller, And rock the night away *repeat I don't wanna play no Memphis soul I don't want funk - just rock and roll Gonna dance to the rhythm get down to that rockin' beat Make my name in the headline news There I'm busted singin' the blues I must find myself a rock 'n roll band, I'll play my music just as fast as I can *chorus Okay people, Get your rockin' shoes on Stroll us with the Rock and roller, Rock and Roller yes I'm a rock and roller Yes I'm a rock and roller *chorus


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