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MARIANNA Love theme from the film "The Counterfeit Traitor" (1962) (Music: Alfred Newman / Lyrics: Paul Francis Webster) Johnny Mathis - 1962 Marianna, Marianna Like lovely music A dream never dies All though I’ve lost you I’ve never be lonely For we have shared a world of no goodbyes. With the lamp light Soft behind you Someday I’ll find you And my heart will smile Marianna, my Marianna Auf wiedersehen for just a little while. Oh Marianna (chorus) My Marianna Auf wiedersehen for just a little while. NOTES: Johnny Mathis has sold over 350 million records confirmed by Guinness World Records and was the undisputed king of the romantic Fifties ‘make out ‘ music. (Transcribed by David Story - November 2013)


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