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JAMIE Eddie Holland Shhhhhh Listen my friends while I tell you About a girl thats so divine I love her for the joy shes brought me For shes mine all mine Oh, Jamie Talkin bout Jamie Talkin bout Jamie Thats my love Hair so long and pretty Eyes that shine like gold She has the kind of love for me That will never, never grow old Oh, Jamie Im talkin bout Jamie Oh talkin bout Jamie Thats my girl Ooh She comforts me when I am sad now She sticks with me when times are bad She kisses me and holds me so tight To me shes out of sight Oh..Lips so warm and tender Kisses so divine I thank the Lord up above For making Jamie all mine Im so glad to belong to her And shes mine all mine Oh Jamie Talkin bout Jamie Yeah talkin bout Jamie Thats my girl Uh here she comes huh Talkin bout Jamie Talkin bout Jamie


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