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I NAMED MY LITTLE GIRL HOLLY Lee Jackson VERSE I named my little baby girl Holly, Buddy I didn't think you'd mind at all, golly, Buddy There wasn't much else I could do To best try and remember you Guess I could have named her PEGGY SUE VERSE But I named my little baby girl Holly, Buddy Many of my friends did too, golly, Buddy It was a small way we could show How much we all still miss you so And we're wishing somehow you could know MIDDLE EVERYDAY since you've been missing We've done lots of REMINISCING IT'S SO EASY thinking of your style And though we've all been told before That IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE For us the music never really died VERSE So I named my little baby girl Holly, Buddy Ever since you left this world, golly, Buddy It's been said time and again Soon the memory will end But THAT'LL BE THE DAY my friend Buddy Holly


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