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I'M SO RESTLESS Roger McGuinn & Jacques Levy Hey, Mr. D do you want me to be A farmer a cowhand an old country boy To get up in the a.m. and tend to the chores And leave all my troubles behind a locked door Layin' with my lady and strumming' on my toy Oh, I know what you mean and it sounds good to me But oh, Mr. D. I'm so restless Hey, Mr. L. do you want me to yell To howl at the moon when I'm losing my grip Without no possessions and finding myself The picture of mental and physical health But I'm still paying dues for that Indian trip Oh, I know what you mean and it sure rings a bell But oh, Mr. L. I'm so restless Instrumental (Harmonica) Hey, Mr. J. do you want me to stray To be a bad boy a mean boy and ready to kill Wriggling' and slinkin' in snakeskin and black Holding my thumb on some chick in the sack And never say no if it gives me a thrill Oh, I know what you mean and I'd go all the way But oh, Mr. J. I'm so restless Instrumental Ending (Acoustic Guitars + Harmonica) Mr. D - Bob Dylan Mr. L - John Lennon Mr. J - Mick Jagger


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