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GRANADA (Dorothy Dodd / Augustín Lara) Frankie Laine Also recorded by: Deanna Durbin (1947); Karol Adam; Gato Barbieri; Columbia Ballroom Orch.; Tommy Dorsey; John Farnham; The Four Freshmen; Ted Heath; Ben E. King; Sándor Deki Lakatos; Mario Lanza; Joe Loco; London Promenade Orch.; Trini Lopez; Mantovani; Al Martino; Johnny Mathis; MGM Studio Orch.; Werner Müller; Dennis Noday; Edmundo Ros; Sinatra Family; Frank Sinatra; Paul Sorvino; Victorio Valdez; Jerry Vale; Caterina Valente; Finbar Wright. Granada, I'm falling under your spell And if you could speak what a fascinating tale you would tell Of an age the world has long forgotten Of an age that weaves the silent magic in Granada today The dawn in the sky greets the day with a sigh for Granada For she can remember the splendour that once was Granada It still can be found in the hills all around as I wander along Entranced by the beauty before me Entranced by a land full of sunshine and flowers and song And when day is done and the sun starts to set in Granada I envy the blush of the snow clad Sierra Nevada For soon it will welcome the stars While a thousand guitars play a soft Habanera Then moonlit Granada will live again The glory of yesterday romantic and gay. (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - February 2006) ***** GRANADA (Agustín Lara) Recorded by: Placido Domingo; Mario Lanza; Luciano Pavarotti; Javier Solis. Granada, tierra soñada por mi, mi cantar se vuelve gitano cuando es para ti, mi cantar hecho de fantasía, mi cantar flor de melancolía que yo te vengo a dar. Granada, tierra ensangrentada en tardes de toros. Mujer que conserva el embrujo de los ojos moros. Te sueño rebelde y gitana cubierta de flores, y beso tu boca de grana jugosa manzana que me habla de amores. Granada, manola cantada en coplas preciosas. No tengo otra cosa que darte que un ramo de rosas. De rosas de suave fragancia que le dieran marco a la virgen morena, Granada, tu tierra está llena de lindas mujeres, de sangre y de sol. (Contributed by Maria Teresa Camp Gozalbo - November 2004 & Emiliano M.A. - February 2006) *****


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