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FIRST SNOWFALL The Carpenters Oh the first snowfall of the winter Was a day that we all waited for When it drifted to and frost Why you should've seen the snow It was near seven feet or more By the old barn door Oh the first snowfall of the winter What a joy for a boy to behold In each house you'll find a sleigh That was waiting for this day And of course, down the road a hill For each Jack and Jill Every winter breeze that scurries Sets the snowflakes up in flurries It's the good old sentimental season when Folks put runners on their surreys And forget about their worries When a man becomes a boy once again Oh the first snowfall of the winter Jingle bells bring us spells ever dear Under wintry skies of gray It was snowing all the day And it showed no signs of stopping Every kid with eyes of popping Will soon be belly-whopping on his ear On the first snowfall of the winter Oh the first snowfall of the year The first snow of the year Is just about the best snow Well I'll say any snow Is a pretty good show


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