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FARO-LA, FARO-LI (SONG OF THE NEW WINE) From the film "Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman" (1943) (Curt Siodmak / Hans J. Salter) Adia Kuznetzoff (Film Soundtrack) - 1943 Judy Kaye and The Scarlettes - 2003 Come one and all and sing a song Faro-la, faro-li! For life is short, but death is long Faro-la, faro-li! There'll be no music in the tomb So sing with joy and down with gloom Tonight the new wine is in bloom Faro-la, faro-li! Tonight we toast our happy host Faro-la, faro-li! For he's the man we love the most Faro-la, faro-li! He's barrel-chested, dipper-lipped For drinking wine, he's well-equipped But where's his chest? It must have slipped Faro-la, faro-li! If Franzec never drank at all Faro-la, faro-li! He might not care for alchohol Faro-la, faro-li! But since he drinks them by the score He loves his bottles more and more He even likes them on the floor Faro-la, faro-li! Now here's a pair of newly-weds Faro-la, faro-li! With love and kisses in their heads Faro-la, faro-li! Tonight theres only he and she Just one and two, as you can see But very soon they may be three Faro-la, faro-li! The wine tonight is nobly blessed Faro-la, faro-li! By such a lady and her guest Faro-la, faro-li! To them a toast, come drink with me That they may ever happy be And may they live eternally Faro-la, faro-li!


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