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COME AND GET ME (Burt Bacharach / Hal David) Jackie DeShannon - 1966 I know what life has done to you Things haven't been much fun for you That's why you went away And now, I'm all alone I wasn't meant to be on my own (CHORUS) Turn back, turn back And come and get me Oh, come and get me Take me along I don't care where you lead me If you leave me It can't be wrong just to be with you There's no place in this world That I wouldn't go This time isn't the time for you You have to be where the skies are blue And here, the skies are gray Darling, I understand Don't you need someone to hold your hand (CHORUS) Oh, please, won't you tell me Where you've gone to, gone to If I knew where you were I'd be right there Please, send me hope To be hanging onto Just to show me you care


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