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COCAINE BILL AND MORPHINE SUE Traditional Cocaine Bill and Morphine Sue Strolling down the avenue two by two. Refrain: Oh, honey won't you have a little sniff on me, Have a sniff on me, Said Sue to Bill: "It'll do no harm, If we both just have a little shot in the arm." Said Bill to Sue: "I can't refuse, 'Cause there's no more kick in this darned ol' booze" So they walked down first and they turned up main, Looking for a place they could buy cocaine. They came to a drugstore full of smoke, Where they saw a little sign sayin' "No more coke" Now in the graveyard on the hill, Lies the body of Cocaine Bill. And in a grave right by his side, Lies the body of his cocaine bride. All o' you cokies is a-gonna be dead If you don't stop a-sniffin that stuff in your head. Now where they went, no one can tell It might have been heaven or it might have been ... SNIFF.”


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