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CLOWN Argent No minor love can make the darkness right; Alone, deserted by the warm spotlight I breathe the meaning of the words that I must need her. The colder seas of my sleeping mind Make muddy dreams until no peace I find; Through fields Elysian beg to see my life again, once again. And here at last I stand revealed a clown; And who can doubt the painted fool upon this circus has always been a clown. No mind to colour now, no page to write; Cold pools of morning stain the virgin white; Another day without her love, and I still need her. And so the stage is set, the time is right, And waves of laughter shake the gods this night; Another day will make a fool delight the children. And so I stand at last revealed a clown; And who can doubt this painted fool Who maybe has no mind at all Would ever walk where he might fall And gain the laughter of us all, Oh, who would doubt the painted fool upon this circus stage has always been a clown Just a clown.


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