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CAN YOU TAME WILD WIMMEN (Words by Andrew B. Sterling / Music by Harry Von Tilzer, 1918) When the circus came to town Jay Augustus Henpeck Brown bought himself a ticket to the show. Passed by all the acrobats all the clowns in funny hats went to see the animals below saw a "tamer" put his head into a lion's mouth waited till the "tamer man" was through shook his hand and said "at taming wild one's you're a bird, but just one thing I'd like to ask of you." Jay Augustus Henpeck Brown gave the crowd the up and down saw a woman edging t'ward the cage there she is he yelled in fright there she is, she's wild all right wilder than a tiger in a rage Mister "Tamer" man he whispered in a trembling voice tell me did you ever have a wife you can tame the wildest beast I know, but listen please, there's only one thing now can save my life. Can you tame wild wimmen? Can you tame wild wimmen? You made a tiger stand and eat out of your hand you made the hippo do the flippo honest it was grand but can you tame wild wimmen so they'll always lead a sweet and simple life? with a wild ferocious glance that pierced him like a lance you made the grizzly bear get up and do the "Hula dance" but can you tame wild wimmen? if you can please, tame my wife.


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