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BABY, THAT'S ROCK AND ROLL (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller) In the beginning there was nothing but rocks - Then somebody invented the wheel - And things just begun to roll..... Did you e-ver hear a ten-or sax Swing-in' like a rus-ty axe, Honk-in' like a frog down in a hol-low log? Ba-by, that is rock and roll. Did you ev-er hear a gui-tar twang, Jing-y jing-y jing-y jang, E-ver hear those strings down do-in' cra-zy things? Ba-by, that is rock and roll. That ain't no freight train that I hear Roll-in' down the rail-road tracks. That's a coun-try born pi-a-no man Play-in' in be-tween the cracks. You say that mu-sic's for the birds And you can't un-der-stand the words. Well ho-ney if you did, you'd real-ly blow your lid 'Cause ba-by that is rock and roll.... In the mor-nin, ba-by that is rock and roll.... In the eve-nin', ba-by that is rock and roll!


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