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ATLANTA BLUES (Make Me One Pallet On Your Floor) (W C Handy (m) Dave Elman (l) 1924) as recorded by Eartha Kitt with Shorty Rogers & his Giants December 9th 1957 Hollywood A bed five points, talkin', daddy and me, Just one square away from old peach tree, peach tree. Possession's nine points of the law, used to be, Five and nine are fourteen points and yet they took my man from me! I know that I'd be satisfied If I could grab a train and ride! If I make and matter with no place to go, Just make me a pallet on your floor! Well, give everybody my regards, I'm comin' in if I have to ride the rods! I'll grab me an armful of train before you know, So make me a pallet on your floor! Oh I'll make me a pallet on your floor, I'll make me a pallet on your floor, Now here's one thing I want you to know, I'll make me a little bitty pallet on your floor! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2014)


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