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AIN'T NO USE (Rudy Stevenson) Nina Simone (1964-66) Ain't no use baby I'm leaving the scene Ain't no use baby You're too doggone mean Yes I'm tired of paying dues Having the blues Hitting bad news Ain't no use baby Ain't no use baby I'm leaving town Ain't no use daddy I'm putting you down I'm gonna change my name Things won't be the same Cos I'm tired of palying your game Ain't no use baby I tell you ain't no use I tried all these years Lord knows I've tried Yes and I cried deep down inside But daddy why complain It's all over and you're to blame yeah yeah Ain't no use baby Shed them tears Ain't no use baby I cried for years for too many years You done had your fun Ain't no use Ain't no use Ain't no use daddy Ain't no use (Contributed by Sören Sjögren - June 2004)


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